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Personal Branding
Personal branding: progress using personality

People follow brands, so why don’t they follow you? Because you probably have not been consciously working on your personal brand, have never cultivated it and above all have never communicated it. But before you get started, you should think about what your brand stands for – and what you stand for. Let us show you what this could look like.

POSTED_ON 11.05.2022
Adecco application tips
Five tips for your application

From the job search to the follow-up to the interview. We have compiled an overview of everything you need to consider for a successful application. 


POSTED_ON 27.04.2022
Concept of the cost of vacancy
The cost of vacancy - unfilled positions are expensive too

In this era of skills shortages, positions are increasingly remaining unfilled for extended periods of time. You might think that if operations are still continuing, there is no urgency and there could even be the potential to save some staffing costs, but you would be wrong – because an unfilled position creates more staffing costs than it saves.

POSTED_ON 13.04.2022
Adecco Infographics - Video Call tips
Seven tips for a persuasive video call

Are you in the application process and have a video interview coming up? Or do you have an important video call with business partners on the agenda? With these 7 tips, nothing will stand in the way of your successful video call. 

POSTED_ON 24.03.2022
Adecco Blog - Outsourcing
Outsourcing: A term with many facets

It is impossible to be able to do everything, let alone be able to do it well. The same goes for companies. Outsourcing has therefore become a thriving business without which our modern world would struggle to survive – or at least, many companies would cease to exist in their current form. If this is a fate you would like to avoid, you are in the right place.

POSTED_ON 17.03.2022
Save costs
How to reduce staff costs in 2022: Our tips for managers

Good employees are crucial to the long-term success of a company. In times of crisis, however, it may be necessary to reduce staff costs in order to survive. To show you how best to approach this and where you can make savings, we've put together a few tips for you.

POSTED_ON 02.02.2022
Teaser Skills 2022
Sought-after skills in the job market for 2022

The Swiss job market has never before been in such a state of upheaval. And this is clearly evident in the skills that experts currently believe are necessary to compete in the job market.  

POSTED_ON 26.01.2022
How to retain your employees
How to retain your employees

Finding good employees is difficult. Keeping good employees is even more difficult. What is the secret of recruiting motivated, satisfied and committed employees who have not already started thinking about their future job, but instead intend to remain at a company for the long term?

POSTED_ON 23.12.2021
Employment market trends 2022
Top 7 employment market trends in 2022

Only the industrial revolution changed the world of work in the same way as the pandemic of the last two years. We traded offices for our kitchens and living rooms, and most meetings have been virtual since then. 

But what will trends for 2022 be? What do employees want and how do companies respond to the developments?

POSTED_ON 15.12.2021