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HR Trends in 2024
HR trends 2024: What everyone needs to know

In 2024 there will be significant changes in the field of human resources. The latest trends present both new challenges and great opportunities to influence and shape companies' long-term HR strategies. Here we’ll take a look at six trends that could revolutionize HR management in the coming years.

POSTED_ON 13.02.2024
Tips and tricks for your first CV

School students and those starting their careers in particular can often find it difficult to write a CV. On the one hand, starting from scratch is always a challenge; on the other, people often struggle to find ideas for filling out their CV because they don’t have very much (or any) experience in the working world. And to get this experience, a convincing CV is key when applying for jobs – a CV can make or break an application.

POSTED_ON 01.12.2023
Man wearing red AI glasses
AI in recruitment

Artificial intelligence has already become an established tool in many areas of everyday life. Now, it is starting to play a more significant role in the workplace, too. It has a wide variety of possible uses, particularly in the complex and lengthy process of recruitment. But what are these uses and are any Swiss companies taking advantage of them yet?

POSTED_ON 22.11.2023
Header interview Ai in recruiting
«In the next five years we will see Gen AI integrated into every aspect of our daily lives»

How is the Adecco Group preparing for the AI revolution and in which areas is AI already being used in recruitment? We spoke to Greg Shewmaker, Group SVP Global Operations.

POSTED_ON 22.11.2023
Woman meditating in front of a laptop
Mental health at work: take control


As part of World Mental Health Month, the Adecco Group Switzerland is exploring many different ways in which you can take responsibility for your own mental health. 

POSTED_ON 09.10.2023
The changing world of work: opportunities for employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways and the working environment is no exception. Despite the many challenges and uncertainties we faced, especially at the start of the pandemic, a number of positive developments for workers have since become established. We have taken a closer look at which temporary measures were introduced by companies during the pandemic and are likely to become permanent.

POSTED_ON 04.10.2023
Young people chatting and drinking coffee
Generational change: Millennials and Generation Z in the workplace

Pandemic, skills shortages, recession and a new generation of employees – the world of work is changing. However, new generations, in particular, also create opportunities for companies, provided they are managed by professionals who can adapt to their needs.

POSTED_ON 16.08.2023
Woman greeting others on a laptop
Availability when working from home – open communication and clear boundaries

The work-from-home revolution sparked by the pandemic has fundamentally changed the world of work, and it’s here to stay in many sectors. However, the freedom to dodge the daily commute and have more time in bed often comes at a cost, such as self-imposed longer hours or feeling pressure to be constantly available. But is this really the case?

POSTED_ON 06.07.2023
Woman feeling the wind in her hair
Ready to change careers and make a new start?

Dissatisfied with your current job? Longing for new challenges? Then maybe it’s time to think about a career change. Read on to find out about your options and how to embark on a new career successfully.

POSTED_ON 20.06.2023
Young person working on a laptop
Tips for cover letters and CVs

An impressive cover letter and convincing CV are crucial for a successful application. But there is a great deal of debate about what this actually means – and whether a CV should only be one page, for example. 

POSTED_ON 07.06.2023
Adecco Blog - Salary negotiations
Salary negotiations – no stress!

Your application went well, your in-person interview was a success and your potential new employer is keen to hire you. This should be a huge relief. But this is exactly where lots of candidates start to panic – because it’s time for salary negotiations.

POSTED_ON 05.04.2023
Candidate journey – paving the way for success

Whether candidates decide for or against a company no longer depends solely on the right salary or a lot of vacation days. A Candidate Journey can help candidates and companies to better structure the application process and provide a good overview. 


POSTED_ON 28.08.2022
Teaser Disconnet to reconnect
Disconnect to Reconnect survey

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way people work. Although many companies believe the pandemic has made their workers more stressed, the employees say the opposite: their stress levels have not generally increased and they are now more conscious of having a healthy work-life balance.

POSTED_ON 23.08.2022
Adecco Blog - Talent Attraction
Talent Attraction

For years, companies have been fighting a talent war to recruit and retain qualified staff. In recent years and months, this situation has been further exacerbated due to a shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland. It is no longer enough to simply wait for applications. The following talent attraction tips explain how to overcome precisely these obstacles.

POSTED_ON 28.07.2022
Corporate Culture - Adecco Blog
Corporate culture for philistines

Good corporate culture isn’t all about parties, table football in the office and free coffee. This article will shed some light on what it actually takes.

POSTED_ON 29.06.2022
Adecco Blog - Modern job application trends
Modern job application trends you should know about

There is little that has stood the test of time as consistently as best practices when it comes to applying for a job. However, despite that fact, there have been a few developments over recent years that have made some age-old advice obsolete. To find out more about modern job application trends, keep on reading here.

POSTED_ON 15.06.2022
Diversity Blogpost Adecco
Why diversity is not just the right approach but also the profitable option

Companies that do not view diversity as being important will be at a disadvantage in the future – although things are still moving slowly. Read on to learn why you should also be promoting diversity in your company and how this could benefit you.

POSTED_ON 02.06.2022
Personal Branding
Personal branding: progress using personality

People follow brands, so why don’t they follow you? Because you probably have not been consciously working on your personal brand, have never cultivated it and above all have never communicated it. But before you get started, you should think about what your brand stands for – and what you stand for. Let us show you what this could look like.

POSTED_ON 11.05.2022
Adecco application tips
Five tips for your application

From the job search to the follow-up to the interview. We have compiled an overview of everything you need to consider for a successful application. 


POSTED_ON 27.04.2022
Concept of the cost of vacancy
The cost of vacancy - unfilled positions are expensive too

In this era of skills shortages, positions are increasingly remaining unfilled for extended periods of time. You might think that if operations are still continuing, there is no urgency and there could even be the potential to save some staffing costs, but you would be wrong – because an unfilled position creates more staffing costs than it saves.

POSTED_ON 13.04.2022