The employment interview

To face an employment interview with serenity and the necessary peace of mind, what you need above all is information. Your best supports to collect information are your consultant and internet research.

Essential points:
  • Have information about the company such as company philosophy, sector of activity, size, etc.
  • Have detailed information on the vacant position.
  • Know the exact address of the company (if necessary look for it in advance).
Knowing this, you can evaluate the exact time to get there. Preferably arrive a few minutes ahead of time.

Important thing: always have the company phone number on hand, just in case you would be stuck in a traffic jam.

Dressing code and attitude
Make a good impression:
  • Have a neat presentation, i.e. neutral dress and shoes, a clean hairstyle and neutral make-up and jewels. Adapt your dressing style to the open position. Avoid spraying yourself with too pervasive perfumes, do not drink alcohol and banish garlic bread at your meal.
  • Body and expression language, as well as dressing style play a decisive role. Hold yourself straight, look the person you are speaking to in the eyes, and shake hands with him/her firmly, however with no exaggeration.
  • Do not rehearse what you are going to say in advance! If you still feel nervous in spite of your good preparation, think about something else. Your best capital, just be yourself.
Consciously or unconsciously, the first impression you make is snapped in a few seconds, according to the above factors.

Well prepared, you can concentrate yourself on the main points of the interview.

However, give a special care to the following points:
  • Memorize the name of the person you will meet.
  • A writing-pad and a ballpoint are essential for your interview. Also think of bringing a copy of your personal file with you.
You will make a good impression if you put questions on the company during the interview.

Typical questions
To get mentally ready and target oriented for your interview, prepare in your head how to answer the following typical question:
  • What interests you in this position?
    Explain honestly why you are interested in the position.
  • Give us a good reason why we should hire you?
    Here, the best answer is to mention your professional and personal capacities.
  • The reason why you plan to change of job?
    Answer honestly by giving facts. Never make reference to your previous employer!
  • What are your strong and weak points?
    Give a list of your positive points, but also mention a negative point such as impatience, "early morning bad mood" etc. Never say you have no fault.
At the end of the interview, define the next steps with the person who runs the interview. In case he says nothing, you should insist on knowing what to expect, before going back home. If you have additional questions (for example: arguing on holes in your resume, advices on the choice of color, etc.) do not hesitate to contact your Adecco Branch, without any commitment. We shall be very pleased to help you.