Adecco Swiss Job Market Index – Trends and facts about the job market

In cooperation with the Swiss Job Market Monitor (SMM) at the University of Zurich Sociological Institute, Adecco Switzerland is using hard research to launch the first significant predictive index of job trends and human resource needs on the Swiss job market.

The Adecco Swiss Job Market Index “ASJMI” is the only combined job market index in Switzerland, providing information about the entire Swiss job market in all branches and across all regions. It is made up of the three sub-indices Company Websites, Job Portals and Media, which display job offers from all the important advertising channels. The ASJMI thus covers the overall situation of job offers in Switzerland. The new index concept allows positions that are advertised multiple times, as is increasingly the case, to be distributed equally among the sub-indices. Additional, detailed indices of the ASJMI subdivide the development on the job market into eight professional groups, two linguistic groups and six greater regions.

Continuous updating allows constant supervision and analysis of changes and trends on the Swiss job market from 2003 onwards. Adecco Switzerland is very pleased to be able to make the Adecco Swiss Job Market Index available to the public.
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