Our core skills support athletes

As a Swiss Olympic Leading Partner, Adecco Switzerland is very committed to the professional development of athletes and trainers from Swiss Olympic. The Adecco Athlete Career Programme “ACP”, launched in 2006, focuses on current and former junior and elite athletes and trainers, aiming to help them make a smooth start or transition to their professional working career.

Every athlete is unique
Every programme participant is supported by personally focused coaching. Athletes and trainers can test their knowledge with the Adecco Xpert online testing system and evaluate their fitness for the job market and their level of training. For a more detailed personality analysis, our Human Capital Solutions Business Line is ideal.

The right job raises the bar
Even while they are still actively competing, Adecco Switzerland supports top athletes with a targeted career and training grant, so their professional career will be just as successful. Many complete an apprenticeship or degree course parallel with their sports career, proving their extreme flexibility and resilience.

At the end of their sports career, athletes want to use the qualities they have developed as advantageously as possible in the world of work. During their sports career, they require a flexible employer who can ensure them the necessary freedom to train and compete. By employing top athletes, companies can show themselves to be performance-oriented promoters of Swiss sport and socially engaged partners.