Patrik Heuscher


Foto: Keystone For many elite athletes pursuing the Olympic dream can be an all-consuming activity, leaving little or no time to gain work experience. Patrick Heuscher (Born December 1976) reached the very top of beachvolleyball. Competing in three Olympic Games, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012 with a bronze medal in his pocket from Athens together with his partner Stefan Kobel, he is also an eight-time Swiss Champion and a two-time Grand Slam Winner, rounding up his achievements of a stellar sporting career.

Patrick got a lot out of the circumstance that his sporting career blossomed under difficult conditions, however, his thoughts only turned towards a mainstream career after first linking up with the ACP in 2008, post-Beijing Olympic Games through the Swiss Olympic Committee. After fulfilling his last Olympic Dream at the London 2012 Olympic Games time was right for Patrick to start planning and working with his ACP coach for a new challenge. Patrick was quick to see the value of this cooperation: ”My ACP coach gave me real insights into the labour market and how employers think. She encouraged me to ask the right questions to myself in order to discover what’s right for me.

Above all she gave me realistic view of what was possible and I had the chance to meet fantastic people“. Patrick has now embarked upon a Master degree in Banking and Finance which will request the hard work and passion he demonstrated on the field of play. He has a clear goal – as he always did - graduating in 2015. He will be all set to combine academic know-how with the dedication and winning mindset of an elite athlete and Olympian.