Jefferson Bellaguarda


Foto: Keystone The right attitude is critical to success in any field, be it sport or work. Ex-Olympic beach volleyball player “Bella” Jefferson Bellaguarda, has definitely got the mindset to succeed and with the help of the Swiss Olympic Athlete Career Programme, he is on track regarding his goals. Bella, born in Brazil (September 1976) who represented Switzerland in the London 2012 Games said:

”As I child I had the dream of being an Olympian and this dream came true in London when I was proud to finish 9th. Now I dream to become a tram driver in my adopted home town of Zurich, Switzerland.” Encouraged by the Swiss Volleyball Association to get involved with the Athlete Career Programme, Bella was given practical support on career coaching, as well as job search- and application skills. Bella soon found a position as postman whilst also enrolling in a course to improve his German. Both steps will increase his chances of reaching his goal to become a tram driver. “I’m happy to get a wage every month, and if the time is ripe I will be on the steering wheel of a Zurich tram, fulfilling my dream in the working world!” With the help of his ACP coach, Bella added:

“My sporting success shows I have got the qualities of commitment, attention to detail, trust and teamwork. Now, with the support of the ACP I realise these qualities will help keep my career going in the right direction. I urge any athlete thinking about seeking advice from the ACP to ‘give your next dreams a try’!