Flori Lang


  Olympian and world-class elite swimmer Flori Lang (born January 1983) knows that his passion, discipline and dedication will give him a head start in the career race. However, taking the sporting analogy a stage further he realizes it’s still a major challenge entering the mainstream world of work: “The little work experience you can bring with you is the main disadvantage, transitioning athletes face when competing with the talent pool of people in the career marketplace.”

Whilst swimming for the National team, Flori did manage to do a bachelor in Banking & Finance and also got some work experience as Junior Investment Controller. After retiring in 2012, he was encouraged by Swiss Olympic to meet-up with the ACP coach for support with his next career. “The face-to-face advice on my CV preparation and interview technique was invaluable, and the e-learning tool emphasized on some of the knowledge I already had acquired and gave me confidence in my skills. The professional support helped me look at my strengths and weakness objectively and gave me asserted me about how to handle a critical moment during a job interview. I learned that with honesty, my educational background and the will to succeed I could address any interview situation with confidence.”

After a period of intense networking, Flori’s preparation paid-off and he landed a role as a Business Analyst with a renowned financial institution. Flori is enthusiastic about the future, “I feel I am in the right lane for my career to develop. I’m ambitious, able to work under pressure, target oriented and competitive and have a great opportunity to contribute and progress. I am looking forward to be in a position where I meet challenges again and at the same time get the support and know-how necessary to add value to my team and the company.”