Adecco Key Accounts & Delivery Management

Beneficiaries of the dedicated Key Accounts & Delivery Management services

  • Large production sites, SME headquarters, large companies and also call centres
  • In case of major staff fluctuations depending on the season or on the line of business
  • Companies in need of flexible, fast and specialised HR

Select the location of your contact: in your region or within your company

The Hub

A hub is an Adecco subsidiary in your region, at a maximum distance of 30 kilometres from your site, focussing on 4 to 6 companies exclusively. The Hub is specialised in a restricted number of profiles in the industry and food sectors.

The Onsite services

Adecco Onsite is an Adecco subsidiary located within your company, dedicated solely to your internal human resources needs. The Adecco employees work in your premises and care for all your HR processes.

The aims of the Key Accounts & Delivery Management

  • Provide a large flexibility in human resources solutions
  • Only one internal contact person or provision of all HR services in your region
  • Centralised coordination by specialists in the field
  • To be in line with your needs in terms of volumes and profiles
  • Establishing a pool of regional candidates in order to respond to large staff requests in a very short time frame
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of staff through a better knowledge of your company

Your advantages

  • Reduction in administration work for your company, reduction of costs through increased productivity
  • Rapid processing of your request thanks to a ready availability of candidates and an increased knowledge of processed profiles
  • You benefit from the Adecco Switzerland network and of the latest technologies in the recruitment field
  • Optimal management of peak and off-peak periods thanks to internal solutions tailored to your planning
  • Specialists who know your requests in terms of profiles and ensuring rapid monitoring of your requests
  • A pool of regional candidates, valuable for the retention of employees

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