We offer every client tailor-made HR solutions

The requirements of local and global labour markets are in a constant state of flux, and innovative companies are keen to keep pace. Adecco Human Capital Solutions provides active support in optimising the realisation, development and deployment of your human capital. Working hand in hand with you, we plan detailed, forward-thinking solutions for all aspects of HR management.

With the integration of the prestigious Lee Hecht Harrison in our Human Capital Solutions Business Line, Adecco has expanded in the outplacement, career management and coaching segments, and is now a worldwide leader in this field.

With our successful combination of expert knowledge and pragmatism, competence and experience, we can advise and support your HR management in the following areas:

Career Transition Leadership Consulting Workforce Solutions
  • Restructuring Services
  • Change Management (Lee Hecht Harrison)
  • Retention Management, Employer of Choice
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