Looking for targeted, focused and practical leadership and employee development – we can help!

Lee Hecht Harrison is the global talent development leader in connecting people to jobs and helping individuals improve performance.

Growing pressure on performance and production as well as demographic change often demand quick rethinking and sustainable actions with regard to their human resources.

Lee Hecht Harrison has defined four key areas which require special attention due to the socio-political and economic environment of organizations. So Lee Hecht Harrison supports organizations in

  • restructuring projects (Career Transition).
  • the development of their leaders at all levels (Leadership Development).
  • the development and retention of critical talent (Employee Engagement).
  • sustaining productivity during change (Change Management).

With over 300 offices worldwide, including 10 offices in Switzerland, Lee Hecht Harrison is dedicated to partnering with organizations and individuals, enabling them to maximize their performance and achieve success. Please contact us. We look forward to discussing your specific situation and requirements.